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Portable Handheld Multigas Monitor with PID Photo Ionization Detector for VOCs

PID (Photo Ionization Detector, also known as an VOC monitor or VOC detector) is used to measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) & other gases in concentrations from parts per billion (ppb) to parts per million (ppm).The PID sensor indicates if VOCs are present, but do not identify type.PIDs are used mostly to detect VOCs in soil, sediment, air & water.It is often used to detect contaminants in ambient air and soil during drill activities & spills to identify potential problems.

In some cases you will also need to detect other gases as well, such as Hydrogen sulfide, Carbon monoxide, Oxygen, & Combustible gases(LEL). If that is the case, some multigas monitors allow up to 6 different sensor combinations.

Depending on your specific application or needs, you can choose the appropriate gas detector and sensor combinations.If you are in need of help, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or guidance in choosing the proper gas detector.

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MultiRAE Lite PGM-6208 by RAE Systems PGM-6228 RAE Systems MultiRAE Multigas Detector
Base Price: $830.00

Base Price: $2,370.00

MultiRAE Lite PGM-6208 Confined Space Monitor by RAE Systems MultiRAE PGM-6228 Confined Space Monitor RAE Systems
MultiRAE Lite with motorized sample pump by RAE Systems featuring an optional 10.6 eV 1-1000ppm PID sensor RAE Systems PGM-6228 MultiRAE Multi Gas Confined Space Monitor most advanced chemical detector for up to 5 gases and VOC PID Photo Ionization Detector
MultiRAE Pro PGM-6248 by RAE Systems
Base Price: $3,610.00

MultiRAE Pro PGM-6248 Confined Space Monitor by RAE Systems
MultiRAE Pro Multi Gas Monitor by RAE Systems featuring a optional Gamma Radiation Sensor and three optional PID Sensors 1) 9.8eV 1-1000ppm Benzene 2) High Range 10.6eV 0.1-5000ppm PID Sensor, 3) ppb 10.6eV 0.01-2000ppm; 10ppb res.