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Photo Ionization Detector or PID

Photo Ionization Detector (PID, also known as VOC detector, VOC monitor, or VOC meter) measures concentrations of organic & inorganic vapors in low levels from parts per billion (ppb) up to 10,000 parts per million (ppm). PID is a very sensitive instrument used in a wide variety of applications such as:
  • Hazardous waste sites Clean-up of spills
  • Protecting workers from toxic vapors Refineries
  • Leak detection for compliancePulp and paper plants
  • Hazardous materials responseTerrorist chemical attacks

Protecting yourself and coworkers is simple with our selection of single-gas PID VOC meters. Our monitors allow you to observe and measure volatile organic compound levels to prevent exposure to hazardous environments. You can attach a wireless single-gas VOC monitor to a piece of your clothing and move freely throughout your workspace. Many of our carried devices come with a built-in library of over 150 correction factors when detecting up to 300 different VOCs. All the benefits of VOC analyzer PID culminate in accurate and visible data, allowing for quick responsiveness to any situation.

For any questions regarding our inventory of VOC photo ionization detectors, please contact us at 562-809-3066. Our experts will guide you and deliver all the information you need to make a choice that fits your needs and exceeds expectations. Shop our store today!

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