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GfG RAM 4021 ABL Humidifier System 2610-001
2610-001 GfG Instrumentation RAM 50 and 4021 ABL Humidifier System

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GfG RAM 4021 50 ABL Humidifier System

2610-001 GfG Instrumentation RAM 4021 and 50 ABL Humidifier System

Humidity and humidification can result in two problems. It is possible that the air is too dry (50% humidity by volume is recommended). Humidity should be introduced for proper instrument accuracy.

Air this dry is not suitable for your breathing apparatus.

A GfG humidifier will correct this problem for the instrument UNLESS it is installed backwards, which will fill the unit with water and damage the sensor.

Due to the nature of the semiconductor sensor used in the RAM 4021 and RAM 50, a proper level of humidity in the sampled air is required for accurate gas measurement; there for if the RAM unit is used to monitor air lines where the air has been dried (less than 50% RH), a humidifying system should be used to supply water vapor to the air

Used in the GfG Instrumentation RAM 4021 and RAM 50 Respiratory Airline Monitor.

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