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3M 8050501 Ambient Air Pump for One Worker
3M 8050501 Portable Ambient Air Compressor for workers who need more volume in their compressed air system to operate a respirator

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3M 8050501 Ambient Air Pump for One Worker

8050501 3M Portable Ambient Air Compressor

A low pressure pump, includes a sound reducing chamber, pressure gauge and an adjustable pressure relief valve. It can be used to deliver air - similar to high pressure - to the worker. It is an economical solution to certain situations when supplied air respiratory protection is needed.

The Ambient Air Pump is designed to intake fresh, clean air from a non-contaminated atmosphere and supply this fresh air to a continuous flow supplied air respirator
for workers who do not have enough volume in their current compressed air system to accommodate the additional load required to operate a respirator.

The clean air is filtered through a porous plastic intake muffler designed to protect the pump from dust and dirt particles. The outlet air supplied to the respirator is filtered through an activated charcoal filter designed to remove tastes and odors from the breathing air.

3M’s Fresh-Air Pump is oil-less and has rotary carbon vanes driven by a 3/4 horse power motor and operates on standard 120VAC, 15 amp electrical supply. The pump does not produce carbon monoxide, oil vapors, oil mist or moisture, however it is extremely important that the atmosphere from which the air is drawn into the pump is clean and free of any carbon monoxide or other toxic gases or vapors. OSHA requires, per 29 CFR 1910.134, the carbon monoxide in the inlet air to be less than 10 ppm, and that this condition is assured at all times. Sometimes carbon monoxide monitoring may be required to warn a user, should the CO levels exceed the permissible level.

The Fresh-Air Pump will supply a maximum air flow rate of ten (10) SCFM of breathing air to one worker or a maximum supply pressure of fifteen (15) psig. The user is responsible for determining if their respirator will operate properly at these flows and pressures. USE ONLY MSHA/NIOSH APPROVED RESPIRATORS THAT WILL OPERATE AT PRESSURES LESS THAN FIFTEEN (15) PSIG.

3M Id : XR-1816-0376-6

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