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Allegro Confined Space Blowers & Air Movers

Allegro blowers purge dangerous fumes from manholes and confined spaces where gases and other potentially harmful pollutants may be present. Allegro makes the most reliable confined space industrial blowers on the market designed for portability, ease of use and efficiency. We carry standalone air movers, as well as air blowers with ducting to move harmful air further away from workspaces. Several of our air movers can be used for air extraction or ventilation, depending on which side of the canister the ducting is attached.

Allegro confined space blowers are the most trusted blower fans by experts in the field. Our air movers have a durable construction and powerful motors designed for the most rugged industrial applications. Order the Allegro blower that best fits your needs now or give us a call at 562-809-3066 to have our experts find the right air mover to get the job done right.

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