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Anchor Connectors

Anchorage connectors are sold according to that which they connect. They must provide a secure point of attachment and be capable of supporting your fall protection system loads. The structure will often require a specific type of safety anchor. All-purpose, wrap-around choker anchorage connectors are the most versatile and connect to various structures, regardless of shape or size. All of our permanent and temporary anchor points have durable steel ring attachments and our tie off anchors are made from polyester webbing that's strong enough to hold a single worker weighing up to 310 pounds (with tools). Our fall protection anchor points are easy to use and install, approved by OSHA and designed for rugged, industrial applications. In addition, we carry anchorage connectors for steel, concrete, roofs and even specialty styles for poles, leading edges and other unique structures.

Choose from our selection of high quality anchorage connectors to keep your workers safe in all elevated work environments. We have the most reliable safety anchors with the most competitive prices and fast shipping on all orders. Order online or give us a call at 562-809-3066 for more information.
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