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Blackline Safety Location Beacon BEACON-NA
Blackline Safety Location Beacon BEACON-NA

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Blackline Safety Location Beacon for North America

BEACON-NA Blackline Safety Location Beacon for North America

Respond to Indoor Incidents with Precision

Precise positioning empowers emergency response

In certain facilities, GPS signals alone may not provide sufficient positioning precision to locate employees during an emergency response. In such circumstances, every second counts and time wasted searching for someone could mean the difference between rescue and recovery.

Blackline Safety addresses this challenge through introduction of our location beacons—compact, wireless positioning transmitters. Installed throughout facilities, each beacon is installed where employees operate, from one per floor to one per room depending on your facility needs. Beacons provide an additional poistioning signal to accuratley map the locations of employees and alerts. Beacons are then placed on your custom floor plan so you always know exactly where your people are. The affordable beacons are self-powered and wireless, taking only minutes to install without any calibration or triangulation.

Each beacon broadcasts a unique identity number that is received by Blackline Safety’s monitoring devices, including G7c/G7x, Loner M6/Loner M6i, Loner 900, Loner SMD and Loner IS+. When personnel are within proximity of beacons, monitoring devices store the nearby beacon identities and reports their location to Blackline Live.

Protect the safety of your workforce with Loner Beacon indoor location technology.

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