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Blackline Safety Connected Safety Technology

Wireless Gas Detection, Lone Worker & Evacuation Technology

Over the last 10 years, Blackline has tirelessly pursued innovation at the forefront of connected safety. They showed the world how to meet the challenge of keeping lone workers safe, and last year they set their sights on a new horizon — revolutionizing the gas detection industry. With decades of experience, their team has already delivered some of the world's most advanced solutions in communications, location technology and gas detection.
At Blackline, they’re continuing their commitment to innovation and value — you are working with the best people and technology the industry has to offer. In 2017, they served notice to their competitors with the launch of G7, their ground-breaking connected safety platform. While their entrenched competitors checked the ‘wireless technology’ box, they’re far out-classed by Blackline's comprehensive, coherent and turn-key safety offerings.
Blackline Safety approach safety in a different way than most industrial companies, and they punch above their weight. This year, they introduced the world to G7 Insight, delivering the world’s hardest-working gas detection system with 3G wireless technology, an online compliance dashboard and automated data analytics.
Blackline, at its core, is a service-oriented business, and are passionate about the engineering, manufacturing and designing that make them the best at what they do. Blackline Safety stand behind their products, services and customers.

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