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Bulwark FR

More people arm themselves with Bulwark than any other FR brand.

Because only Bulwark brings over 45 years of frontline experience to the realities you face every day. Helping you navigate an ever-changing sea of standards. Surrounding you with ideas, illustrations and alerts that help you make safety a shared priority. And offering the finest FR apparel, and FR education programs, the world has ever seen. So when you see our triangle on your left, know you’ve done everything right. Because with Bulwark – You. Are. Armed – literally. And figuratively. With the world’s best.

Feel free to contact us at 562-809-3066 with any questions related to Bulwark FR or necessary recommendations. One of our experts is on standby and will gladly answer any of your questions or concerns. Shop our inventory of Bulwark FR and rest easy knowing you have some of the best gear to keep you safe.