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Electronic Radiation Detectors – RAE Systems

Many working conditions can expose your employees to potentially radioactive environments. We carry the best portable radiation monitors and electronic personal dosimeters to keep workers safe from harmful exposure. These radiation detectors are designed to detect even the most minute reading of gamma, X and neutron radiation. Our RAE systems provide virtually immediate detection of radiation with alarms to clearly alert users of potential dangers. These handheld dosimeters identify ionizing radiation in order to prevent exposure to dangerous levels in even the toughest environments.

Workers should never be around radioactive materials without proper equipment and a personal portable radiation monitor. We only sell the highest quality handheld dosimeters made by RAE Systems to ensure our customers are protected with the most reliable, durable and accurate equipment on the market. Buy online to enjoy our affordable prices and fast shipping or give us a call at 562-809-3066 and our experts will help you find everything you need.

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