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GfG Instrumentation EC22 Fixed Gas Transmitter for Toxic Gases and Vapors

The EC 22 Series Transmitters are innovative and cost-effective transmitters for the detection of non-combustible toxic gases or oxygen (O2) levels, but without the need for explosion protection.
The EC 22 is equipped with high quality GfG sensors. The transmitters are fitted with high-performance electronics for voltage stabilization, processing of readings, and temperature compensation. Follow up costs are minimized thanks to the long lifespan of the sensors.

The embedded software of the EC 22 linearizes the measuring signal and compensates for the effects of temperature. As a result, correct readings are transmitted even with weather related fluctuations in temperature. In addition, the transmitter also offers the option of transmitting service, maintenance, and error messages to a connected gas measuring computer.

  • Long sensor service life
  • Sturdy plastic housing (IP-54)
  • High efficiency and low follow-up costs
  • Cost effective single man adjustment
  • Affordable solution for many measuring tasks

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