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Combustible Gas Detectors

Accurate leak detection is vital to keeping workers safe and preventing potential harm to people and property. We carry the most reliable combustible gas detectors and environmental meters able to detect almost any type of combustible gas and harmful environmental elements including mercury. Our portable leak detectors are able to detect even the smallest leaks and are extremely sensitive to toxic gases including argon, ammonia, butane and many more. We have kits to test pH and turbidity in water, as well. These environmental gas detectors are easy to operate and understand, come pre-calibrated and are as durable as they are lightweight.

Use our combustible gas detectors to identify dangerous gases and elements to keep your workers safe when in confined spaces. Our environmental meters are accurate, reliable and affordable. Buy our leak detection meters now to enjoy our competitive prices and fast shipping on all orders or give us a call at 562-809-3066 to have our experts help you find exactly what you need.

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