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Fall Protection Harnesses & Safety Restraints

Fall protection safety harnesses are one of the most critical pieces of equipment on any elevated job. Our fall protection harnesses are lightweight, well fitted, adjustable, comfortable and OSHA compliant. The selection of OSHA-approved harnesses is versatile enough for a wide range of uses including construction and roofing, emergency rescue, structural inspections or working around the house. All of our body support equipment is made from abrasion-resistant polyester with durable straps and buckles for a secure, reliable hold. These lightweight safety harnesses are designed for quick adjustments to save time when multiple users must consecutively use the same harness.

We understand compliance is critical, but for workers comfort is what makes all the difference. Our work harnesses are affordable, durable and the most well designed pieces of body support equipment you can find. Order now or contact our experts and we’ll help you find the right safety harness to fit your needs.

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