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Flame Resistant Accessories

Flame resistant accessories are an important consideration for use in a number of occupations such as utility workers, petrochemical workers and first responders such as firefighters. The FR gear found in this section is made in the USA and has been sourced for maximum comfort, durability and quality. The FR Beanie and Skullcap Beanie are both rated HRC 2 Ebt = 36 cal/cm² and yet look and feel just like a high-quality beanie that doesn't have a fire rating. They're preshrunk, breathable and washable, and both soft and warm.

This FR hard-hat liner is HRC/ARC level 2 and protects the wearer from both flash fires and electrical arcing. It's self-extinguishing. Other FR headwear and FR accessories include an HRC 2, fully adjustable balaclava. You'll also find waterproof FR gaiters designed for fire protection plus protection from water, sand and pebbles getting into the wearer's boots.

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