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Flame Retardant Bib Overalls

Flame retardant overalls or FR bib overalls are becoming must-have clothing items for more and more work environments where workers run the risk of being exposed to flash fires or electrical arc burns. This includes everything from working out in the oil fields or in natural gas exploration to working as a lineman for the electric utility or on an off shore oil platform. The FR bibs found here are rated 11.5 Cal, HRC 2 and are fully compliant with guidelines set out by NFPA 2112. FR overalls are available in nine different colors and nine sizes, ranging from small up to 6XL.

These overalls consist of 9 oz. Indura cotton and a UL certified fabric, and they are unlined. While they have a lower fire rating than the Saf-Tech fire resistant Nomex overalls, which are rated at HRC3, these are one-third the price and provide all the protection needed by most users.

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