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Gas Detectors & Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Accurate, working gas detectors are crucial to employee safety in a wide variety of industrial and other workplace environments. With our wide selection of affordable commercial gas detectors, we make every effort to provide you with only the highest quality equipment geared toward fostering workplace safety wherever dangerous toxic or combustible gases may be present.

We offer a complete lineup of both single and multi-gas detectors, including maintenance-free units, as well as replacement parts and accessories associated with this equipment. You'll also find Photo Ionization Detectors, or PIDs, for measuring VOCs, also known as volatile organic compounds, fixed gas detection systems for monitoring facilities or large areas for gas hazards, plus docking stations for bump testing and calibrating your gas detectors on site. With industry-leading names such as BW Technologies, RAE Systems, Honeywell Analytics and GfG Instruments, you can be sure you'll be dealing with reliable, high-performance testing and calibration equipment.