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GfG Dynagard Single Point Fixed Carbon dioxide CO2 0-25%vol System 2492-025
Factory direct OEM GfG Instruments Dynagard 25 Series Single Point Fixed Carbon monoxide CO2 0-25%vol Monitoring System 2492-025

Base Price: $2,195.00

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Dynagard 25 Single Point Fixed Carbon dioxide CO2 0-25%vol Monitoring System 2492-025
The Dynagard 25 Single Point Fixed Monitor for Carbon dioxide CO2 is the easiest detector to install and operate.  Simply mount the detector, and apply power.  The GfG utilizes NDIR (Nondispersive Infrared) sensor which typically has a 5 year sensor life. The sensor is not influenced from barometric pressure, humidity water vapor, or temperature unlike other CO2 sensor technologies.
  • Easy installation
  • Local display, horn and strobe
  • Adjustable alarm points
  • On board relays for external controls
  • 4-20mA output
  • Sensor is unaffected by water vapor
  • 5 Year sensor life (typical)

Simple and Effective

The Dynagard 25 Series accurately measures CO2 levels. The unit offers a local display, a horn / strobe, and a linear 4-20 mA output. The Dynagard 25 Series offers a safe and reliable gas warning system.

  • Easy installation
  • Local display and horn / strobe
  • Adjustable alarm points
  • On-board relays for external controls
  • 4-20 mA output

Alarm Points

Each alarm can be adjusted separately. The alarm point values can be freely adjusted within the detection range of the transmitter. Every alarm point value can be set to over range / under range, latching / non-latching, or resettable / non-resettable.

Alarm Relays

The controller provides four voltage-free relays for the three alarms and one fault warning. The relays may be used to control additional alarm devices like lights or horns. They can even prompt specific counter measures to prevent or limit dangers from gases or vapors.

IR 24 Sensor: Infrared Light

Since carbon dioxide (CO2) absorbs light in the infrared spectral range, the NDIR method used in the GfG sensor can measure the carbon dioxide concentration precisely and reliably. Infrared light is sent through the sensor chamber. Carbon dioxide absorbs a part of this light in a narrow spectral range, and the remaining light is measured at the detector. The difference between the light sent and received is proportional to the gas concentration. Water vapor or other gases that can be present in the sensor chamber do not affect the light absorption in this spectrum band.

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