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GfG GMA 200-MW Controller for up to 16 Channels
GfG Instrumentation GMA 200-MW Fixed Gas Monitor Controller up to 16 Channels

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GfG GMA 200-MW Fixed Gas Monitoring Controller 2-16 Channels

GfG Instrumentation GMA 200-MW Controllers up to 16 Channels

GfG Instrumentation introduces the new GMA 200-MW Fixed Gas Monitoring Controller. A variety of transmitters can be connected to it for measurement of combustible, toxic gases/vapors and oxygen. The design of the GMA 200 series is flexible, reliable and economic.

Up to 16 detectors can be connected to the GMA 200-MW controller. The quick and easy configuration of the measuring point designations, the detector type, the type of gas and measuring range as well as three individual or specified alarm thresholds can be programmed for each measuring point using the configuration software through a USB port. The configuration software offers numerous and flexible options, such as the assignment of one or several measuring points to relays, single alarms per measuring point and alarm threshold, configuration of collective or group alarms and fault messages and voting functions.

The GMA 200-MW has an intuitive, backlit graphical LCD. In the event of gas alarms, the display lighting is automatically activated with a red background. The GMA 200-MW controller can be equipped with a micro SD card for saving the measured values, mean values, alarm events and faults.

If switching functions for explosion protection are required, the GMA 200-MW controller is the optimal solution.

  • Advanced and flexible controller for combustible, O2, and toxic gases
  • IP-65 wall mounted housing with integral audible and LED alarms
  • Flexible, reliable, and economic
  • Up to 16 transmitters per GMA 200-MW controller... in any combinations
  • Freely programmable relays
  • Clearly structured, easy to use push button interface
  • Backlit graphic LCD color to indicate alarm
  • Connect to other measurement devices wit h4-20mA outputs


The GMA 200-MW is our most flexible and advanced gas detection system controller. The design of the GMA 200-MW ensures simple and clearly structured operation in industrial and commercial applications. The system can be configured for control of any combination of GfG gas transmitters for the measurement of an extremely wide range of toxic and combustible gases and vapors.


Each GMA 200-MW module can control up to 16 individual gas transmitters (sensors). The self-contained, IP-65 wall-mounted housing facilitates cost-effective and space-saving installation. GMA 200-MW systems are scalable, and easy to expand by adding additional controller and relay modules. Optional gateway modules allow control via remote or touchscreen computer interface.


Easy-to-use, menu driven GMA 200-MW software allows configuration of sensor type, gas type, measuring point designations, units of measurement, calibration curves, and function of the comprehensive and fully programmable relays. Up to three individual or specified alarm thresholds can be programmed for each measuring point. The GMA 200-MW continuously evaluates the analog input signals of the connected detectors.


GMA 200-MW systems include comprehensive and fully programmable relays. Each controller is equipped with 8 internal relays. Menu-driven software allows easy assignment of measuring points to relays, single or multiple alarms per point, alarm thresholds, configuration of collective or group alarms, zoning, fault messages and voting functions.


GMA 200-RW relay modules are housed in easy to install IP-65 wall mounted enclosures. Each relay module provides an additional 16 freely configurable relays. A total of four additional relay modules (for 64 additional relays) can be managed by the same GMA 200-MW system. Digital connection with the GMA 200-MW controller allows remote positioning of the relay module wherever it makes the most sense, substantially reducing cabling and installation costs.


Relay modules are available with or without an integral display for readings and system information, making it easy to add a remote terminal wherever needed.


Optional gateway modules allow integration of the GMA 200-MW system into existing company networks based on TCP/IP, Process Field Bus or Process Field Network protocols. Monitoring and system performance data are easily exported for viewing or analysis. A WIFI interface can be added to the gateway to allow wireless connection with a touch screen Windows® computer or smart-phone to display or access system information.


GMA 200-MW power options include traditional voltage inputs (2 x 24 V DC, 20-30 V), as well as operation via a redundant, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), ensuring continued operation of the gas warning system even during a power outage.

The GMA 200-MW includes built-in bright LED strobe light and loud audible alarms.

The status of the GMA 200-MW system (including operation, fault, service, alarm and relay status) is shown via LEDs. Individual LED indicators identify the type and severity of the alarm condition, (FLT, AL1, AL2, AL3), and any relays activated by the condition, (R1 through R8).

Measured values, mean values, alarm events and faults are permanently stored on a Micro SD memory card.


Currently measured values are displayed on a backlit, graphical LCD. In the event of an alarm the display changes color from green to red, and highlights the affected channels.

Five buttons enable operation at the GMA 200-MW controller. The main functions of the keyboard are the acknowledgement of alarms and the menu-driven operation. Information on the status of the controller, detector and the relays can be retrieved in the operating menu.


Operation of the GMA 200-MW is through easy-to-use menus, and a simple 5 button interface for alarm acknowledgement, and viewing information on the status of the gas warning system, detectors and relays. The intuitive push-button controls make it easy to navigate through additional screens of information. The integrated display enables the reading of alarm levels through the controller LCD for easy hazard assessment.


A built-in USB port in the GMA 200-MW is used for connection to the configuration software. GMA 200-MW systems connected through a Fieldbus gateway can be remotely connected with a GfG factory service center for configuration, diagnostic or service evaluation.


• External relay module: GMA 200- RW
• Independent power supply: GMA 200-UPS
• Continuous, motorized pump sampling unit: GMA 200-ASV
• Fieldbus gateway: GMA 200-GW

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