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GfG GMA 80A Fixed Compact Controller
GfG Instrumentation GMA 80A Fixed Compact Controller

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GfG GMA 80A Series Controller

* All the connected sensors / transmitters must be of the same type and range. ** Two groups of up to four sensors / transmitters may be connected. All sensors / transmitters in a group must be of the same type and range.


GfG GMA 80A Fixed Compact Controller For up to 8 Transmitters

The GMA 80A series is a universal controller that delivers accurate readings for any single explosive, toxic or oxygen gases or vapors. The design of the GMA 80A makes it an economical choice for applications that require compact, continuous and reliable monitoring.
  • Stand alone controller with horn and strobe
  • 3 configurations available-
GMA 81A - Single channel controller
GMA 84A - One to four channel controller
GMA 88A - One to eight channel controller
  • Intuitive push button operation
  • 4-20mA input standard (factory configured to 0.2 - 1mA)
  • 3 user adjustable alarm points
  • User adjustable alarm hysteresis
  • 4 Relays (3 alarm and 1 fault)
  • Factory Configured alarm functions include-
Latching / non-latching
Resettable / non-resettable
Time delay
Rapid rise alarm for combustible setups
  • 4-20mA output (GMA only)

Maximum Control

The GMA 81A controllers will accept a signal from any one transmitter and the GMA 84A can control and monitor up to four GfG sensors of the same type. The three digit LED displays the transmitter readings; status LEDs verify operation and indicate alarm points and sensor faults. Additionally, if an alarm point or sensor fault occurs, the case mounted alarm horn and light will sound a warning and activate or deactivate the on board relays.

Flexible and Adaptable

Once programmed for a gas, the controller can be adapted to its application. Three alarm points which can be easily adjusted in the field and one fault alarm will trigger voltage free contacts to activate or deactivate external devices like fans, horns, auto dialers etc. The GMA 81A is equipped with a linear 4-20mA output for easy connection to recorders, meters, or PLCs. Menu driven zero point adjustment and calibration are easily performed with the keypad to make maintenance and calibration simple.

Typical Part Numbers: 2081-004, 2084-004, and 2088-004

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