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Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Precision Calibration Test Gas Cylinder
Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Calibration Test Gas Cylinder for Gas Monitors with NIST

Base Price: $225.00

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Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Precision Calibration Test Gas Cylinder

Precision Hydrogen sulfide Calibration Gas for the Calibration of Gas Monitors

Our quality control procedures are of highest standards traceable to National standards including NIST.

Our new recyclable and refillable cylinder is an FREE environmental friendly solution to cylinder disposal.

Sustainability: We are taking responsibility for the impact our products have on the environment. Environmental GREEN attributes: Refill vs. Landfill

Technological Innovativeness: Our exclusive Recyclable Cylinder Program is coupled with innovative measures to fill a reusable cylinder. Our proprietary procedures create the highest quality grades of pure gases and gas mixtures bringing us to the forefront of this technology.

NO Additional Cost: The price remains the same as in a traditional disposable cylinder. With out the Recyclable Cylinder Program you may have to dispose of the calibration gas cylinder as Hazardous Material, which in some cases can be very expensive.

Free Freight: Free Freight on recycled cylinder returns.

Availability: The recyclable cylinders are available 34, 58 and 116 Liter cylinder sizes.

Concentrations of less than 25ppm will have a tolerance of +/- 10%, concentrations of 25ppm and higher will have a tolerance of +/- 5%.

If you require a different concentration or custom calibration gas blend, please contact us at (562) 809-3066 for assistance.

Calibration gases are NOT returnable.

54-9057, 54-9034, CG2-H-10-58, CG2-H-15-58, CG2-H-25-34, G0042H25, CG3-H-25-58, CHG35, CG2-H-50-34, CG2-H-50-58, 4594960, 4502155, 4502183, GFV277, GFV258, GFV122, 1810-2970, 1810-4984, 1810-0859, 1810-2988, 1810-2245, 1810-2304, 711060, 467898, 711064, 814979, 711062, 467897, 600-0051-000, 81-015RK-02, 81-0151RK-02, 81-0153RK-06, 81-0152RK-02, 81-0077RK-01, 7802-022
Ecosmart the FREE Environmentaly Friendly Cylinder Return Program

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