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ION Science GasClam 2 Continuous Ground Gas Monitor Replacement Parts and Accessories

Using spot measurements to understand ground-gas behaviors can lead to uncertain or misleading results. Uncertainty exists as concentration changes over time and spot sampling only provides a snap shot of the ground gas at that instant.

Considerable published material from experts who measure ground-gas and perform risk assessments question whether traditional methods of collecting data are adequate. The need for greater granularity of data was the reason for developing the patented GasClam 2.

GasClam 2 continuously measures and collects ground gas concentration data, as well as parameters that are known to control it - subsurface pressure and atmospheric pressure.

In combination, this data reduces uncertainty by providing the full picture of what is happening below ground. Also, by observing the process controlling the ground gas regime, you can predict how it will change in the future.

Using GasClam 2 therefore provides multiple financial benefits. The first saving comes from reducing the number of site visits by a field engineer. The second saving comes from reducing the overall length of monitoring programs as legislative data requirements can be met quicker. The third, and largest saving, is made by designing appropriate, rather than over engineered solutions, based on complete and robust data.

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