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Little Giant Articulating Ladders

The Little Giant ladder system, also known as Little Giant safety ladders, is an articulating ladder that may just replace every other ladder you may now be using, because it can be configured into as many as 16 different types of ladders. These include a collapsible ladder and folding ladder, as well as 90-degree, extension, staircase and A-frame ladders. The Alta-One multi use ladder comes in 13', 17' and 22' models. It has a load capacity of 250 pounds and a triple-locking hinge system and is OSHA- and ANSI- compliant. Its aircraft-grade aluminum construction is lightweight and carries a lifetime warranty.

The Revolution comes in 17', 22' and 26' models. It has a 300-pound weight capacity, quad-lock hinges and a push-button “Rock Lock” adjustment, adding to its incredible safety profile. It's also available with patented ratchet levelers. These Little Giants are the ultimate in safety, strength and versatility. Special wheels make transporting especially easy.