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MST 50CFM Portable Respiratory Protector System CO / O2 RP050BMST-O2
MST Portable Respiratory Protector System CO and O2 Monitor RP050BMST-O2

Base Price: $6,600.00

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MST Respiratory Protector Carbon Monoxide Removal Systems with CO and O2 Monitor

RP050BMST-O2 MST Best Selling and Only continuous use CO removal portable breathing system on the market with CO and O2 detectors

Don't Just Filter...Purify with Modern Safety Technique's Low Temperature Catalyst to Remove CO



Rated Air Flow (Max) @ 100 psi 50 SCFM (23.6 L/s)
Operating Pressure 100 PSIG Dynamic (6.9 bar)
Inlet Pressure (Max) 150 PSIG Static (10.4 bar)
Outlet Pressure Range 0-125 PSIG (0-8.6 bar)
Operating Temp. Range 68-150oF (20-65oC)
Operating Relative Humidity 30-100% RH
(Inlet Air - Non Condensing)
Outside Dimensions
23.25"L x 20.75"W x 9"D
Weight (Including Monitor) 31lbs
Replacement Filter Set FX050

Air from standard compressed air usually is contaminated with oil, water, dirt, rust, and often DEADLY CARBON MONOXIDE. The MST's RESPIRATORY PROTECTOR SERIES is a Four Stage Purification System that removes or reduces these contaminates and continually monitors the carbon monoxide level of the purified air.

5700 'CO' monitor is CSA Approved for Class1, Div. I, Groups A, B, C and D locations when utilizing 9 volt batteries.

There is nothing else like it!

MST's unique LT CAT low temperature catalyst offers significant benefits over all other CO removal systems. Because we use a precious metal catalyst, our Respiratory Protector Series Breathing Air Purification Systems convert carbon dioxide CO to carbon dioxide CO2 without the limitations you find with every other CO removal system on the market today:

No expensive desiccant dryers

With our LT CAT catalyst, you don't need dryers. Other systems require very dry air to function (4% relative humidity). To get air this dry costs a lot of money, primarily for desiccant drying towers. When you factor in the cost of buying, operating and maintaining a dryer, clean air for your workers can become very expensive.

Continuous operation
Our Respiratory Protector Systems are designed to operate continuously. All other CO removal systems require drying time to remove moisture from saturated dryers. Continuous operation is possible with other companies' equipment, but they require twin towers, to alternate operation while moisture is purged...more equipment, more complexity, more cost!

Greater operator comfort

The ultra-dry air from all competitive systems is very uncomfortable for breathing! Respiratory Protector Systems provide comfortably humid air for operators, avoiding overly-dry nasal passages and discomfort.

Greater portability

At only 31lbs the RP050 portable Respiratory Protector system is easy to get to the job site.

Unique air distribution baffles

Maximize absorption and catalytic efficiency.

Total costs are much lower

By eliminating dryers, our unique design removes more than half of the cost for most systems compared to other CO removal equipment, making CO removal affordable for any operation.

Removes CO and other toxic gases including: ozone, nitric oxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, acetaldehyde, methyl chloride, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone and methyl alcohol. Lowest installed cost of any CO removal system (50%+ savings) MST filters are recommended to changed periodically. Modern Safety Techniques replacement filters are available at a nominal cost.

Accessories for this product
MST Calibration Kit- Small 8003101 MST Carbon monoxide CO Sensor Replacement 80133 FX050 MST Replacement Filter Kit for RP050B()
Base Price: $237.00

Base Price: $415.00

Base Price: $553.00

MST 8003101 Calibration Kit Small for Carbon monoxide CO monitor by Modern Safety Techniques MST Carbon monoxide CO Sensor Replacement 80133 for 5700 5701 5800 Series MST FX050 Replacement Filter Kit for Model RP050B Filter Kit

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