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Bacharach MVR-300 Refrigerant Detector for Occupied Spaces

MVR-300: What is it?
• Refrigerant Detector for Occupied Spaces

Gives peace of mind when using high efficiency, high volume refrigerant systems
• A tool to enhance delivery of:
HVAC effectiveness
Environmental protection
Energy efficiency
• Gives benefits of refrigerant detection in an architecturally aesthetic design

MVR-300: Why is it needed?
• Modern HVAC systems are designed to be efficient and leak free
• Improper installation, faulty components that leak, inadvertent damage and mechanical wear can result in leaks over time
• The MVR-300 provides early warning of refrigerant leaks over the service life of the HVAC system
Helps keep occupants comfortable and safe
• Staying ahead of the codes
ASHRAE 15 and 147 have evolved to continually address safety and environmentally conscious use of refrigerants
ASHRAE 34 defines OEL and RCL limits for refrigerants
ASHRAE 15 does not specifically address the use of leak detectors in occupied spaces
But use of the MVR-300 is consistent with leak detection in mechanical rooms
Can detect a refrigerant leak well before the RCL
Alarm from 500 ppm, audio-visual alarms, alarm activated relays

MVR-300: Who is it for?
•The most typical applications are:
Hotel rooms
•Other applications include:
Hospitals; care homes; prisons; dormitories; offices
•Interested parties include:
Building owners
Facilities management professionals
Consulting engineers
HVAC system installers
Mechanical & Electrical contractors
HVAC system dealers
HVAC system manufacturers

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