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Photoionization Detector Sensors with Multigas Monitor

RAE Systems, a subsidiary of Honeywell, is a market leader in the area of gas leak detector and photoionization detector (PID) technologies. The MultiRAE Pro is the first-ever wireless detection system for recognition of multiple threats, acting as a handheld PID detector, VOC monitor, gamma radiation monitor and combustible gas detector all-in-one unit. It also has a continuous oxygen level monitor and a man down alarm that alerts both area workers and command center officers.

For wireless chemical detection, including exotic gasses, the 1-to-6 Gas Monitor is the best choice, with a capability to detect up to 30 programmed-in gasses in concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm. This PID monitor is the most advanced unit of its type on the market. The MultiRAE Lite is a photoionization detector (PID sensor) designed for personal protection of those working in confined spaces. It has up to 30 options for sensor configurations, including both organic & inorganic vapors in the PPM and PPB levels.

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