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Portable Air Filtration & Breather Boxes

A portable industrial air purifier provides great benefits in areas where clean, monitored air is required for workers. The portable compressed air monitoring system equipment offered here does the job conveniently and affordably. You'll find everything from a straightforward portable air filtration system for turning air from your shop air compressor into “Grade D” breathing air to gas air purifier models that clean the air while monitoring for unsafe carbon monoxide (CO) levels. The air breathing filtration box (breather box) found here will support up to four users simultaneously.

More sophisticated gas air purifier systems like this MST 10CFM Portable System doesn't just monitor the CO level but actually removes the CO from the air. It's capable of producing not only “Grade D” breathing air but also “Grade E” air, which is the ANSI-mandated quality of air needed for filling cylinders such as the ones used in firefighters' SCBAs.
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Portable units also known as breathing air boxes, or breather box are movable filtration systems designed to provide clean breathing air for a specific number of works, by filtering air from a compressor and providings users with monitored and clean filtered air.
Offering units that can provide workers with Grade D quality breathing air, while monitoring for carbon monoxide CO, and/or oxygen O2.  These systems are equiped with multi stage fitlers to remove water, particulates, oils, mists, hydrocarbons, organic vapors, odors, some even removes deadly carbon monoxide from the breathing air.
Also available are units certified for use in Class 1, Div. I, Groups A, B, C and D locations.