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Portable Refrigerant Sensors

A quality refrigerant leak detector is something needed in any environment utilizing refrigeration equipment, including grocery and convenience stores, food storage and processing plants, schools, hospitals, wineries, chiller plants, and more. We offer a wide range of high-quality gas leak detection equipment from some of the top industry leaders, including Bacharach and GfG. While specifically geared toward electronic refrigerant leak detector units, this category also includes leak detectors for oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia or combustible gases.

You'll find a freon leak detector as well as a refrigerant detector that monitors for a broad range of different refrigeration products. Notice also a full lineup of Bacharach refrigerant sensor equipment for occupied spaces, each set to alarm to notify occupants when leaking refrigerant has reached a specific, preset parts-per-million reading. While modern refrigeration equipment is made to be free of leaks, damage, wear and tear or faulty installations can cause leakage problems. Occupants need portable leak detection protection.
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