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Rope Grabs, Lifelines, Roof Anchors and Roofer Kits

Providing elevated workers with the best equipment is essential to their safety. We carry the most reliable rope grabs, as well as vertical and horizontal lifelines for elevated workers. Our fall arrest rope positioning equipment is made for rugged outdoor use and from the most durable metals and synthetic materials available. Our rope grabs are able to grab everything from soft strand ropes to steel cables. This allows workers to position themselves anywhere along a rope line for easy hands-free work. Our vertical and horizontal lifelines are specially designed to allow workers to extend to multiple pre-determined lengths while attached to a secure anchorage point. Workers are able to move freely along the slack while the lifeline is secured.

Choose from our industrial strength lifelines and rope grabs to provide your workers with the highest quality elevated work safety products on the market. Buy online or give us a call at 562-809-3066 and our experts will help you find exactly what you need before you buy.

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