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Maintenance Free and Single Gas Monitors

Personal portable single gas detectors are used to monitor the atmosphere around personnel and is worn on clothing or on a belt/harness.

  • Maintenance free monitors usually are low cost detectors for Hydrogen Sulfide - H2S, Oxygen - O2, Sulfur dioxide - SO2, or Carbon monoxide - CO, typically does not have a real time reading and will provide "a go or no go" alarm. Most models have a 2 year life, some models available with 3 years of life.
  • Single gas monitors have a much larger sensor selection and need routine calibrations and maintenance. Typically will have a real time readout of gas concentration. Some have wireless capability to transmit data back to a controller.
  • PID used measure volatile organic compounds and other gases in concentrations from parts per billion (ppb) to parts per million (ppm). The PID detector is an efficient and inexpensive detector for many gas and vapor analyzers. A PID will give instantaneous readings and operate continuously. Hand held, battery operated monitors in lower explosive limit measurements, ammonia NH3 detection, hazardous materials handling, arson investigation, HAZMAT, industrial hygiene and safety, indoor air quality, environmental contamination & remediation, and clean room facility maintenance.