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NIST Certified Single Gas Calibration Gas Cylinders for Gas Detectors

A gas detector is only as good as the calibration gases used to calibrate it. ICON Safety Co., Inc. puts its focus on providing the most accurate calibration gases possible at an economical price. ICON Safety's calibration gas mixtures are blended to our strict specifications. Our state of the art manufacturing blending facility has over 20 years experience in calibration gases & equipment for Industrial Hygiene applications and is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Most of our gases are blended +/- 5% (most manufacturers use +/-10%). ICON also requires NIST traceable gases where possible. ICON's blending facility has best in class quality process, lowest return rate in the industry, longest shelf life and warranty in the industry. The stability of each calibration gas mixture is guaranteed. Each cylinder is labeled with a serial number, lot number, expiration date and includes a Certificate of Analysis.

ICON Safety is proud to offer our Ecosmart calibration cylinders. Most of our gas mixtures are available in our Ecosmart recyclable calibration gas cylinders. Ecosmart cylinders are more compact than your standard aluminum and steel calibration cylinders. Our Ecosmart cylinders Eliminate HAZMAT disposal fees, reduce your carbon foot print and recycle your calibration bottles with Ecosmart gas cylinder.

If there is a gas mixture you do not see or need help with a gas, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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