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Gas Detector Calibration and Bump Testing Equipment

A bump test is a safety measure that passes challenge gases over the sensors of a detector in an attempt to active all the alarms. Not only is it recommended by OSHA on SHIB 05-04-2004 but it is good practice as well. Tests done with bump testing equipment helps to ensure all the sensors are working properly to detect toxic or combustible gases. Bump testing and gas detector calibration equipment should be used regularly in accordance with OSHA guidelines. This is determined by the manufacturers suggestions on test frequency, but most suggest bump testing daily before use.

At ICON Safety Co., we deliver multi-gas monitor bump testing equipment that is manufactured by leading industry brands that you trust, like RAE Systems and BW Technologies. We make it our goal to provide you top quality equipment at competitive prices. Contact us at 562-809-3066 with any inquiries related to our offerings.