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Fall Protection & Fall Arrest Systems

We specialize in providing the highest quality industrial safety gear for fall protection, fall prevention and fall rescue. Our safety equipment and fall protection products fit into four functional categories: Fall Arrest, Positioning, Suspension, and Retrieval.

1. Fall Arrest Systems
A fall arrest system is required if any risk exists that a worker may fall from an elevated position, as a general rule, the fall arrest system should be used anytime a working height of six feet or more is reached. Working height is the distance from the walking/working surface to a grade or lower level. A fall arrest system will only come into service should a fall occur. A full-body harness with a shock-absorbing lanyard or a retractable lifeline is the only product we recommend. A full-body harness distributes the forces throughout the body, and the shock-absorbing lanyard decreases the total fall arresting forces.

2. Positioning
Positioning systems hold the worker in place while keeping his/her hands free to work. Whenever the worker leans back, the positioning system is activated. However, the personal positioning system is not specifically designed for fall arrest purposes.

3. Suspension
Suspension safety equipment lowers and supports the worker while allowing a hands-free work environment, and is widely used in window washing, construction and painting industries. Suspension system components are not designed to arrest a free fall, therefore a backup fall arrest system should be used in conjunction with the suspension system.

4. Retrieval
When fall arrest systems fail or are not implemented, fall rescue equipment is necessary. Preplanning for retrieval in the event of a fall should be taken into consideration when developing a proactive fall management program. Although retrieval is a last resort, it's important to have and be familiar with the operation of this vital equipment.

Shop our selection of quality fall protection, fall arrest and fall rescue equipment to keep you and your employees safe when working from elevated positions. We have everything you need to stock and maintain your fall protection gear with the knowledge to help you find exactly what you need before you buy. Order online or contact us at 562-809-3066 to talk with our experts.