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mPower Electronics POLI Series Replacement Spare Parts and Accessories

POLI MP400, MP400P, MP400S and MP400H Multigas detectors

At Gas Detector Shop, we are a proud supplier of mPower Electronics gas detector spare parts and accessories.
mPower Electronics Inc. is a global manufacturer of gas detectors and alarm systems. They are dedicated to keeping customers safe by protecting them from potentially hazardous situations. mPower provides valuable products like single gas and multi-gas detectors and PID sensors for the personal protection of men and women working in industries like emergency services, oil and gas, refineries, and environmental services.

What makes mPower unique is their safety-focused team of seasoned engineers and professionals situated in the Silicon Valley USA and Shanghai China. They listen to the needs of the customers and offer unique and innovative solutions. mPower prides themselves on providing exceptional customer service and quality products that they can bring to market quickly because of our Shanghai operation, focused on product development and production. Their highly experienced team has collectively over 100 years of developing technology that improves safety and saves the lives of those who use their products.

Applications of these devices span across multiple industries and environments, including sewage management systems, power plants, remote fleets and more.

If you are looking for replacement parts for your BW gas detector, look no further than Gas Detector Shop. We are positive we have the replacement part you need to get your detector equipment up and running. For questions regarding specific part compatibility or general information, contact one of our experts at 562-809-3066.

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