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Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Here at ICON Safety Co., we offer a full lineup of stormwater drainage products as effective stormwater solutions to help protect the environment and to aid companies in remaining compliant with local SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) requirements. We can provide you with storm drain protection by way of a storm drain cover that can help prevent sediment and pollutants from making their way into the water system. The Ultra Drain Guard, a proven storm drain filter system offered here, has been shown to demonstrate an efficiency of 80% in removing sediment from storm water entering storm drains.

Other available stormwater filter equipment includes the easy-to-install UltraTech Curb Guard Plus, which protects water inlets on curbs from sediment while still allowing water to run through at high flow rates. Our stormwater pollution prevention systems also include debris blockers and debris screens, both recognized LEED, BMP and SWPPP water pollution solutions.
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